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Welcome to our site!  Noodle Narratives is a way to compare two cultures through the medium of noodles.

It is rare that Chinese and Italian studies are paired in the manner we are proposing. Our research on how the same food source has impacted two cultures in such diverse and meaningful ways bears exploring.  It is our hope that we will not only explore how Italy and China have embraced the noodle in both similar and diverse ways, but also how the introduction of the noodle into both cultures has perhaps changed the course of the history and culture of each in profound and important ways. In both countries, it is impossible to separate the culture from the noodle. Our research is necessary because it will show how food both influences and changes the trajectory of a nation. By focusing on the microcosms of each culture through the microscope of the noodle, we will be able to come to conclusions about both countries that are specific to this medium, never before examined.