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Takeoff –
I counted once (or tried)
the 300 planes that deliver me to
Life’s impatient adventures. More still,
the trains and ferries and gallons of gas,
satisfying restless eyes.
What is it to be stationary?
For a bee to work in the hive,
a bird restrained by a broken wing, why
allow your legs to carve a rut
when we are born without bonds?
Content with postcards, pictures,
adopting another’s memories.
Proud to call the world home
and yet we will all travel Elsewhere.
– Landing

Category: Creative, Student Work


Rich, fatty cheese. Berries so sweet you don’t even have to chew; just apply the slightest pressure and they burst. Fresh bread acts to ground the flavors, providing a base for the chaos of sweet in your mouth to find a comfortable place to rest.
On a blanket, reminiscent of our more innocent years, not even aware that there are worries to be worries about.
Thinking of nothing, open to everything.
Enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing.
Indulge in the richness of life.

Category: Creative, Student Work

To Observe Seurat, Sera

            A hum of voices fills the elegant gallery, with the elaborate plaster ceiling bending the noise back towards the crowd. To hear the gentle chatter – the parent explaining a famous work to a child, the school groups weaving like schools of fish, the tourists with cameras in hand ready to document the pieces they deem most important (an impossible task in these galleries) – while sitting across from Seurat is the height of poetic irony and a beautiful contrast to the work itself.
            Everyone is bound in togetherness. From the factory life, the assembly line mentality, to the day off, meant to be rejuvenating… and yet they merely stare into nothingness, into the void. The lack of rather than the substantive.
            Are the conversations surrounding the social criticism actually in contrast? Do they speak of meaningless pleasantries or of what matters? Those depicted in the painting are together, but not in any sense that matters. They are alone, not communicating, not enjoying each other’s company. They are isolated, hunched, weighed down by their burdens and their failure to share them.
Seurat, sera.

Is this what is, what will be, or a warning to what could be?
Category: Creative, Student Work