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Domain Entry #2

Functionalism is when each part has role to play in making sure the machine works well. Structuralism claims to look below these surface linkages into the deep structures, which are alleged to underpin them. The developmental approach is when you have a chance to continue and develop that category of its’ features. In the movie “Eat, Drink, Men, Women” we were able to see some of the background of Taipei. Master Chu has three daughters: Jia Jen, Jia Chien, and Jia Ning. But has lost his wife. Jia Jen is a chemistry teacher converted to Christianity, Jia Chien is an airline executive and Jia Ning is a student who works in a fast food restaurant, Wendy’s. Master Chu is an owner of a big restaurant in Taipei. Because he is such a good cook when he makes a lunch for the young girl name Chan-Chan, all the young students asked Chen-Chen to also to ask the master Chu to make their lunch. But he can’t taste food so Uncle Wen tastes the food instead of him. We can see that Master Chu is a functionalist. He makes a very delicious looking food every time he makes the food. He actually kills the animal by himself to make the food, does the entire cutting and make food. He uses all different kind of food throughout each hard process to make one food. Once he starts to make food, he makes it for family to eat as full as they can, so all the time half of the food is thrown out to trash. In the other movie “The night” Chef Primo wants to serve authentic Italian food to American customers, so Primo also take a lot of time to make one meal for the customers.

We can see also structuralism in the movie “Eat, Drink, Men, Women”, Master Chu tries to communicate with food. Master Chu has a big ritual of an elaborate dinner every Sunday. And we can see how much loving and hard working process he uses to make the dinner. We see how in Taipei, family have to meet with other family members to eat dinner, talk about what has happened, help each other out when bad things happen, and help them keep close to each other. It really makes the family socialize with each other. And in the social aspect of structualist in the move “Big Night” we can see how Pascal only cares about the money (customer’s need) when looking at food and we can see how Prim looks at the food as chef’s need which is making the food as how chef’s want to make.

As we saw in the movie we can see the tradition of the spaghetti and Chinese foods, they have been really developed then back in the 1900s. There are many different kinds of American spaghetti houses, many different kinds of spaghetti and there are many different kinds of fast food restaurants other then very traditional restaurant, which takes a lot of time to make food. Fast food chain restaurants take way less time to make food then the very traditional restaurant and people these days don’t really have time to eat while they are working or studying. In the movie “Eat, Drink, Men, Women”, the youngest daughter, Jia ning was already working at a fast food chain restaurant. These days, as people developed, we mostly only care about how fast the food comes out and just how we can fill up the stomach is less money.restaurant1downloadHuang-Ting-restaurant-Interior03