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Interview Questions

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  1. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us where you are from?
  2. What inspired you to work with a cuisine in which noodles hold prime importance? what is it that you most enjoy about using noodles as a key ingredient in a dish?
  3. What are some ingredients that you feel feel hold pivotal importance for any noodle dish? Do you feel many chefs of other Chinese restaurants take the value of these ingredients for granted?
  4. “people eat as much with their mind as they do with their mouth”, in context of this saying, how have you set up your restaurant to make the experience of your customers as authentic as possible?
  5. The Chinese are known for being extremely particular to the order of sending out hot and cold dishes. They also pay close attention to the order of savory, spicy and sweet dishes. Do you follow any particular pattern of serving your food, or is it simply served in the manner the customers ask to be served?
  6. As a chef and a restaurant owner, you must be aware that any single recipe is not just a manual for preparing a dish. The flavor, aroma and ingredients used to set up the dish all have an origin where they were mixed to obtain this flavorful combination. Is their any particular recipe that is your favorite? Do you wish to remind your customers of something or create a particular feeling in their minds when you serve this recipe?
  7. could you name some native Chinese techniques that are specially used to make noodles? are there any particular cooking utensils that are made specially for cooking noodles?
  8. Do you often face cultural conflicts? for example, do customers often tell you to add certain ingredients like spice or salt or even ask you to bring a side dish that is simply not compatible with the main dish? how do you feel about such situations.