Pasta Poems

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Students from ITALIAN / Chinese 190 created Pasta Poems, inspired by Giovanni Rana.  Below are some of our students’ verses:


stock-photo-2320548-pasta-and-sauceDancing fusillini adorned with red jewels 

A night to savor for the palate



stock-photo-22612025-ravioli-pasta-parcel-and-basil-garnish-on-fork-white-backgroundRavioli, what are you hiding?

What secrets are inside you, waiting to be savored?





My mother broils a chicken whole

Sea salts enrich, as broth is poured into a bowl

The wonton noodles sigh in ecstasy

As they bathe in this spa-like fantasy.




On Pasta’s Deathbed

stock-photo-84291411-homemade-pastaOh, Pasta

Once fresh, refined, curls around my fork

Sweet, robust-yet-restrained strength

A burst of life with every bite


stock-photo-1204169-spaghettiOh, pasta

Now dry, packaged, stale, too ill to wrap around my fork

Cardboard, canned, tasteless, bland

sickness, dying, death with every lifeless bite

Oh, Pasta

What have you become?